Statement of Purpose



To foster and encourage:

1.0 The use and development of Autocad drafting in Victoria.
2.0 The development of software which interacts with and enhances specific Autocad applications.
3.0 Development of standards for computer aided drafting both National and International and corresponds and co-operates with other bodies active in this area.
4.0 Development of the Group as the central medium for the exchange of information between group members, Autodesk, distributors, dealers and suppliers of compatible products.
5.0 Exchange of information and software with other user groups both in Australia and internationally.
6.0 Organise, conduct, convene and hold conventions lectures, conferences, meetings symposiums and visits in the Commonwealth of Australia and abroad.
7.0 Print, publish and contributions to any newspapers, periodicals, books, leaflets, circulars, video recordings and films and other literary, video or other similar productions.

Solely to further the purposes set out, the Incorporated Body will have powers:
1.0 To purchase, rent or otherwise acquire any property, buildings, plant or equipment and selling, mortgaging or leasing and transferring same.
2.0 Open and maintain banking accounts to operate or allow the same to be operated in such a manner as the Group may determine.
3.0 Borrowing such funds as may be required by the Group.
4.0 Seeking funding and receiving donations of goods and services of assistance to the Group in atainment of its goals.
5.0 Investing the assets of the Group and such other transactions as may be determined by the committee from time to time; and
6.0 Employing and engaging such persons, firms, companies and organisations as required to carry out the objectives of the Group.
7.0 To pay the costs, charges and expenses of the formation and establishment of the Group.
8.0 By doing all such other things as are lawful and conducive to the attainment of the above purposes.

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