Upcoming Meetings

Vicaug meetings are scheduled for the first Monday in every “even” month at 7:00pm. Committee meetings are every month, usually the second Wednesday or the Wednesday nine days after the General meeting. If you’re planning to come along to one of these, do check first. Members receive emails advising of the details. Alternatively if yous’re not yet a member, you are welcome to come too – check the time and place with a committee member first. Committee meetings are open to paid up members.

Our usual venue is RMIT in Carlton, near the centre of Melbourne.

So, in 2008 the meeting calendar will be:

16 Jan: Committee

04 Feb: General Meeting

13 Feb: Committee

12 Mar: Committee

07 Apr: General Meeting

16 Apr: Committee

14 May: Committee

02 Jun: General Meeting

11 Jun: Committee

15 Jul: Committee

04 Aug: General Meeting

12 Aug: Committee

10 Sep: Committee

06 Oct: General Meeting

14 Oct: Committee

12 Nov: Committee

01 Dec: General Meeting

17 Dec: Committee


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