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Service Pack 1 for AutoCAD 2008

30 August 2007

A quick note to let you know that Service Pack 1 for AutoCAD 2008 and its related products is now available for download from Autodesk. (AutoCAD) (AutoCAD LT)

What’s Happening to CAD Camp?

7 June 2007

Earlier this year, we posted news of the upcoming CAD Camp, which was scheduled to be held in Melbourne in July this year. Well, July is almost here and we’ve heard nothing about it. Emails to the organisers have gone unanswered. The web site now shows the Melbourne event to be scheduled for August – September (wow, 2 months is a l-o-n-g CAD event!)
Seriously, though, if anyone has any information on the Melbourne CAD Camp, we’d love to hear it and pass it on the the readers.

CAD Camp Comes to Melbourne

11 January 2007

For many years, Autodesk Users Group International has been organising an event called the AUGI CAD Camp. This is a networking and training event which is held several times per year at locations across North America. Think of it as a kind of one-day Autodesk University. Stories I’ve of the events have all been positive.

Well, it seems that they’ve realised that there is a demand for these events around the world and, bless them, they’ve decided to try holding them internationally. CAD camps are scheduled in the UK in June and here in Melbourne in July this year.

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Land Desktop Service Pack Released

13 December 2006

SP2a has been released for Land Desktop 2007 and Land Desktop 2007 Companion. This service pack includes all the fixes from SP1 and SP2, and can be installed on top of an unpatched version or on top of SP1 or SP2.

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HatchKit 2.6 CAD Hatch Pattern Editor and Generator

29 November 2006

Long time Vicaug member and supporter Hugh Adamson of Cadro Pty. Ltd. has announced a new version 2.6 of Hatchkit. It features:
Windows clipboard support
Draw and view your own custom hatch patterns.
Scale and transform patterns.
Edit existing patterns.
Translate between hatch pattern file formats.

Windows clipboard support in 2.6 works really well for most systems such as AutoCAD and DataCAD but unfortunately not yet for Revit. It’s very, very quick – any vectorial element can be selected (but not, of course, bitmaps.)

HatchKit works, not only on AutoCAD, but also on many other CAD programs such as Alibre, AllyCAD, DataCAD, DesignCAD, General CADD Pro, IntelliCAD, MegaCAD, MicroStation, Revit, SolidWorks, Spirit, TurboCAD, VersaCAD and VisualCAD. Future support is also planned for Archicad and Vectorworks.

You may remember a Vicaug meeting a few years ago, when Hugh gave us an impressive demonstration of an earlier version of Hatchkit.

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Next Release of Inventor to be called 2008, not R12

6 November 2006

Evidently Autodesk are bringing all their products into the same naming scheme. The next release of Autodesk’s Inventor product. currently called Inventor 11, will be called Inventor 2008. This follows the naming scheme which AutoCAD and most other Autodesk products have had for some time.

Not only that, but it seems that this next release of Inventor shares more than the name with AutoCAD. Rumour has it that Inventor 2008 will contain more AutoCAD-like features.