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Notice of August 2012 General Meeting and 2012 Annual General Meeting

8 August 2012

Yes, it’s that time of year again!

*** Next Vicaug / OEAUG Meeting ***

Including the 2012 Annual General Meeting

A quick reminder: Only a few sleeps to go to the next combined OEAUG / Victorian AutoCAD Users Group meeting is on

7:30pm Thursday 9th August 2012

At the Warrawong Annexe of

Eley Park Community Association

32 Richmond Street

Blackburn South (MELWAYS: 61 G4)

 Yes folks, that’s this coming Thursday! See the map below for directions:


Annual General Meeting

This month’s meeting will contain the AGM and the requisite elections and reports. An important occasion, since we will be formalising the union between Vicaug and OEAUG. If you (or anyone you know) feel you want to take on a committee role, please let us know, either on the night or, if you can’t make it, send us an email. It’s not at all onerous and a great way to while away a pleasant evening chin-wagging at the home of one of the committee members.

Model Documentation with AutoCAD 2013

Continued from the June meeting. One of the big features (yes, it’s a feature, not a bug…) of AutoCAD 2013 is much improved model documentation. This is when you take a 3D model, constructed of solids, and use it to produce 2D documentation. If you’ve used the mechanical flavours of AutoCAD, you’ll find it familiar. We started to work through in June, but got only half way through! So tonight we’ll do the other half. If you’ve got the work books from that meeting, please bring them along. Otherwise, please let me know if you need a copy. I’ll print them as required, plus a couple of extras.

Please check the Vicaug blog at for the minutes of the last (2011) AGM.

Lots of Discussion of Interesting Stuff!

“Round table” discussions of any AutoCAD problems you might have (and hopefully the solutions!) plus the usual News, AutoCAD Tips and friendly chat about whatever we find interesting (not necessarily CAD-related!).

Bring along your USB memory keys etc. and you can get a copy of some of the items demonstrated.

All Welcome!

As usual, food and drinks will be provided, along with the opportunity to meet up with fellow AutoCAD users.

Meeting dates for 2012

Are scheduled for every second Thursday of the “even” months. Usual time and venue, unless otherwise advised.


Please note:

The order of business may be amended at the discretion of the President.

Check the Vicaug web page at <> and the blog at <> for any late breaking news of this and other upcoming meetings.

A summary of the official agenda for the meeting is as follows:

              7:15 pm Meeting room opened for social chat, food and refreshments

7.30 pm: Open General Meeting

·       All in attendance to sign Attendance Book

·       Apologies

·       President’s Opening address and discussion – as permitted by the President

·       Minutes of Previous General Meeting (June 2012) – as circulated in the August 2012 “Blog” – to be received and adopted

·       Suspend General Meeting

7.55 pm: Open 2011 AGM

·       Minutes of previous (2011) AGM, as (ie to be) circulated – to be received, discussed and adopted

·       Minutes of all General Meetings since the last (2011) AGM as circulated and adopted at subsequent General Meetings – to be received, discussed and adopted

·       Reports (each to be received, discussed, moved, seconded and adopted):   President, Treasurer and Secretary and Public Officer

Elections for 2012/13 Officers and Committee: (each to be proposed, seconded & elected)

Þ   President

Þ   Vice President

Þ   Treasurer

Þ   Assistant Treasurer

Þ   Secretary & Public Officer

Þ   Two/(three?) “Ordinary Members”

2012/2013 Fees and Charges:

Advise those in attendance that the Fees and Charges for 2012/2013 which are: Joining Fee = “nil”; and 2012/2013 subscriptions to be: $60.00 and is due and payable one month after the AGM and have been previously approved and recommended by the Committee.

This item needs to be separately moved/proposed, seconded, discussed, voted upon and “declared” by the President.

General discussion is to be initiated by President and supported by Committee as required.

8.15 pm: Close the 2011 AGM

8.16 pm: Resume August 2011 General Meeting

·       Presentations

·       General Business and any such other matter/s that the President, at his discretion may allow.

9.00 pm: Refreshments and General Discussion


9:30 pm: Closure

Note: order of business may be amended at the discretion of the President.

Make the most of your Vicaug membership by coming along and learning, socializing and discussing any topics at all, even CAD-related ones! If you haven’t been to a Vicaug meeting before, don’t be shy – we’re a very friendly bunch!

If you’re not yet a member or need to renew your membership, please consider joining by printing out and completing the form below and posting it, together with your cheque to Vicaug Inc., P.O. Box 466 Elsternwick Vic. 3185. This will ensure that you continue to receive notifications of events, are entitled to vote at Vicaug elections and attend all Vicaug meetings. If you received this reminder, but not other benefits, it most likely means that you are not financial and that your “complimentary” subscription has expired. If you have received this in error, or do not wish to have these reminders sent to you this way, please accept our apologies and advise Peter Godfrey by email at and your name will be removed from the mailing list.


Peter Godfrey

Vicaug Vice President and Newsletter/Blog Editor

Minutes of 2011 Annual General Meeting

8 August 2012

(C&BAV Incorporation Registration Number: A 13467S)
ABN: 65 553 575 021

Minutes of the 2011 Annual General Meeting

Held on Monday 1st August 2011
at RMIT Building 94, 23-27 Cardigan St Carlton Victoria

Attendance: as per attendance register.

Minutes of previous (2010) AGM: received and adopted.

Reports: made by President and Treasurer.

Financial accounts: tabled by the Treasurer.

Election of office bearers:
President: Mark Miller
Vice President: Peter Godfrey
Treasurer: Gordon Adams
Secretary and Public Officer: Branko Gligorov
Committee members: Zoltan Toth, Andrew Johnson

All elected unopposed.

Fees to remain at $50 per year, no GST component. Carried unanimously.