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Autodesk Impression to be available to Subscription Customers

14 February 2008

Autodesk has announced that the next version of their Impression software will not be sold separately, but will rather be included as part of AutoCAD subscription benefits. Seems to be a welcome move for most of us, but what this means for existing Impression customers has not yet been established.

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AutoCAD 2009 is Coming

13 February 2008

Yes, folks, that time of year is fast approaching. Autodesk has lifted the wraps on the next version of AutoCAD, called (wait for it) AutoCAD 2009. Which means, of course, that shipping of the product is not far away. Various CAD media, beta testers and so forth have been playing with it for a while and were under a non-disclosure agreement.

Until now, that is. As of today, there is a whole lot of information suddenly appearing on web sites and blogs. I won’t try to duplicate all that here, but rather give a list of links to some of this content (watch for word wrap.) Happy surfing!

The “official” Autodesk release:

CAD Panacea

Lynn Allen

Heidi Hewett

Shaan Hurley (includes a link to the official AutoCAD 2009 Preview Guide)