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AutoCAD Tool Palette Rollup and Rollout Speed

29 May 2007

I’ve found the “new” user interface elements in AutoCAD, such as Tool Palettes, to be a real time saver and thus a worthwhile enhancement. However, they sometimes drive me mad by hanging about and obscuring stuff that I want to see! Basically, I find that the speed of appearing and disappearing is too slow for me. I was sure that there was a way to change that speed, but could never find it. Until now, that is….

Shaan Hurley of Autodesk maintains a blog called Between The Lines on the Autodesk site. It’s a fantastic resource, and one that’s worth keeping an eye on. Recently, he published an article which describes exactly how to change the rollup / rollout speed of tool palettes. It’s worth repeating here, so you can give it a go. Find the original article and many more like it at

And I quote:

“A huge Thank You to John Beltran of the AutoCAD Software Development Team for this excellent explanation of how to change the speed of the Tool Palette Rollout and Rollup. I have been asked this question several times as some want a slower speed and some want a faster almost instant click rollup and roll out. Please use caution when editing your profiles and be sure to back them up first before experimenting with them.

The timer settings for rollup, rollout, the new “roll out then rollup” (called “holdopen”) are stored in the fixed profile XML file. By default these settings are not specified and the defaults are used. You can add these settings to the file by editing it to provide non-default values for each of these behaviors.

To make the changes first back up the “” file in your support/Profiles directory and then edit it using any text editor. The file will be hard to read because it is not well formatted, but thankfully the changes to make are near the top of the file.

Search for the word ” <AcApData> ” (should be right at the top), and immediately after this string paste in the following:

<PaletteRolloutInfo PaletteRolloutDelay="100"/>
<PaletteRollupInfo PaletteRollupDelay="800" PaletteHoldopenDelay="4000"/>

It’s OK to insert carriage returns or additional white space in this file, just be sure to not introduce any returns/spaces in the middle of a word (like “PaletteRolloutDelay” or value). Each of the values is specified in milliseconds. In the sample above the values provided are the same as the defaults (1/10th second rollout delay, 8/10th second rollup delay, 4 second holdopen delay). These changes are global and affect all palettes.

So to change the holdopen delay to 3 seconds use:
<PaletteRollupInfo PaletteRollupDelay="800" PaletteHoldopenDelay="3000"/>

You will need to restart AutoCAD for these changes to take effect.”

Minutes of the April 2007 Committee Meeting

4 May 2007


Attendance: there were 5 Committee members in attendance.

Apologies: were received from 3 Committee members.

Opening: The President declared the meeting opened at 8.30 pm.

Minutes of Previous Committee Meeting (March 2007):
The Minutes of the previous meeting were adopted as a true record of proceedings.   

“Items of Interest” in Business Out of the Minutes of Previous Meeting (March 2007):
1. 2007 Annual General Meeting and Secretary & Public Officer not to nominate or to be (re)nominated for 2007/08:

Adequate arrangements are in hand and to be made to ensure as smooth a transition for/to the “new” Secretary & Public Officer as are possible.

2. Subscription renewal (1 year) for/of “Inside AutoCAD” magazine:

The President advised that the Vicaug subscription for the “Inside AutoCAD” magazine was not to proceed at a cost to Vicaug.

“Others” will provide this service at no cost to Vicaug but the material would be available to Vicaug for use as it sees fit (ie “as is” situation will remain other than the cost). This is a very generous arrangement and Vicaug gets the use of the material at no cost to Vicaug. This is now on the way.

3. 2007/08 Subscriptions:

Fees/subscriptions for 2007/08 will remain as/at $50.00 (inclusive of: membership @ $45.45 and/plus 10% GST @ $4.55). This is subject to later review prior to the AGM in August.

The allowing for the cost of the “Inside AutoCad” subscription are no longer current/required (see separate article/item in these Minutes). This has significantly reduced the anticipated costs for 2007/08 such that an increase in 2007/08 subscriptions is neither required no justified.

Treasurer’s “Finances and Membership” report:

a. Bank Balances and Financial Report – as at 21 March 2007: Satisfactory.

b. 2006/07 Membership report: Satisfactory.

c. Financial management: The Committee will assess costs to ensure that expenditure does not exceed income.


General Business:

1. Dates for General Meetings for 2007 (subject to confirmation):

The dates for 2007 General meetings, to be held on the first Monday of “even” months, subject to confirmation, are:

04 Jun; 06 Aug (AGM); 01 Oct; and 03 Dec.


2. Notices of General Meeting/s:

Notices of Meetings will emailed to members and uploaded to the “Vicaug News” (blog”).


3. Presentation Topics:

a. June 2007:

– “News from the Pews” and “Tips and Tricks”: Mark Miller; 

(any) “others”: to be advised (by Mark Miller)

AutoCAD 2008: Chris Needham – Mark Miller to advise

– (Autocad based) “News Groups” or “AutoCad on-line” – Peter Godfrey

– “Impressions” (Autodesk) – by AEC Systems – Peter Godfrey or Mark Miller to advise.


August 2007:

– “Inventor” – Mark Miller to advise


October 2007:

– “Genius” – Mark Miller to advise.



 Possible topics for future meeting/so (to be determined/confirmed):
Various computer/computing-related general interest and AutoCAD-specific interest items – by various Committee members; “Shareware” and “Freeware” (various) – Mark Miller to advise.

4. General Discussion and Speculation (On-going):
General discussion on CAD, computer, training and employment matters.

“Other” matters:

1. 2007 Annual General Meeting (August):

The 2007 AGM is less than 6 months away. Arrangements are to be made for the election/s of 2007/08 Committee and subscriptions.


Next Committee Meeting:
The next Committee meeting has been re-scheduled and will be held on Wednesday 23rd. May 2007. 


There being no further business, the President thanked our hosts and
Closed the meeting at 10.30 pm.


(M.J. Ginnane)
Secretary and Public Officer.

Minutes of the April 2007 General Meeting

4 May 2007

(Victoria Associations Incorporation Act 1981(as at 01 July 1998) Registered No. A 13467)

Postal Address: PO Box 466, ELSTERNWICK VIC 3185







As per Attendance Book.

Apologies were received.

The President, Mark Miller, welcomed everyone attending, requested them to ensure that they had registered on the Attendance sheet, and opened the December April 2007 General Meeting at 7.00 pm.

He then suspended the meeting for 30 Minutes for a “Get-together” and refreshment.

He resumed the meeting at 7.30 pm

Minutes of Previous Meeting (February 2007):
The Minutes of the previous General Meeting held on the 6th. February 2007 as circulated in “Vicaug News” – (weblog – aka “blog”) and as emailed to members were received, adopted and approved. There was no business from the Minutes of the previous Meeting.

The President’s Opening Address (the Prez Sez):
The President in his opening address, welcomed all in attendance to this our second meeting for 2007.

He advised that:

– we have several excellent presentations this evening in which:

—- Peter Coburn: “Struct-Plus”; and

—- Chris Needham: AutoCad 2008.

Keeping up to date with VICAUG news and any other matters:
The President advised that members should regularly “log on” to the VICAUG Weblog (“blog”) site at and VICAUG’s web page at  – both of which are (to be) regularly updated – to keep themselves aware of items of interest. 


“Struct_Plus”: by Peter Coburn.

Peter gave an excellent presentation on the base and extended/additional modules for his excellent and almost default “industry standard” suite of structural element and detail packages.

“AutoCad 2008”: by Chris Needham;

Chris put AutoCad 2008 “through its paces” to show and explain the new and updated features of AutoCad 2008.

Both presentations had adequate and excellent discussion sessions.

The President thanked both presenters for the effort and skill put into their respective presentations.

“Thank You’s”:
The President thanked the presenters for their excellent presentations. He also thanked members who had attended and participated in the presentations.

Next Meeting:
The next General meeting is intended to be held on Monday 4th. June 2007 at this venue i.e. RMIT Building 94, 5th. Floor at 23-27 Cardigan Street, CARLTON – commencing at 7.00 pm.

There being no further business, the President thanked all for attending, and closed the meeting at 9.30 pm.

Secretary and Public Officer.