HatchKit 2.6 CAD Hatch Pattern Editor and Generator

Long time Vicaug member and supporter Hugh Adamson of Cadro Pty. Ltd. has announced a new version 2.6 of Hatchkit. It features:
Windows clipboard support
Draw and view your own custom hatch patterns.
Scale and transform patterns.
Edit existing patterns.
Translate between hatch pattern file formats.

Windows clipboard support in 2.6 works really well for most systems such as AutoCAD and DataCAD but unfortunately not yet for Revit. It’s very, very quick – any vectorial element can be selected (but not, of course, bitmaps.)

HatchKit works, not only on AutoCAD, but also on many other CAD programs such as Alibre, AllyCAD, DataCAD, DesignCAD, General CADD Pro, IntelliCAD, MegaCAD, MicroStation, Revit, SolidWorks, Spirit, TurboCAD, VersaCAD and VisualCAD. Future support is also planned for Archicad and Vectorworks.

You may remember a Vicaug meeting a few years ago, when Hugh gave us an impressive demonstration of an earlier version of Hatchkit.

More info from http://www.cadro.com.au/hatchkit/


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