Minutes of Committee Meeting 15 Nov 2006


Attendance: 5 Committee members were in attendance.

Apologies: were received from 3 Committee members.

Opening: The President declared the meeting opened at 8.30 pm.

Minutes of Previous Committee Meeting (10th. October 2006):
The Minutes of the previous meeting were adopted as a true record of proceedings.

“Items of Interest” in Business Out of the Minutes of Previous Meeting (10th. October 2006):
a. Secretary & Public Officer not to nominate or to be (re)nominated for 2007/08:
The Committee will deal with this matter in due course.

Treasurer’s “Finances and Membership” report:
a. Bank Balances and Financial Report – as at 15 November 2006: Satisfactory.

b. 2006/07 Membership report: Satisfactory.
The Treasurer has sent “reminder notices” to members who have not yet paid their 2006/07 subscription/renewal fees.

c. Financial management: The Committee will assess costs to ensure that expenditure does not exceed income.

d. Change in charges by Austral Credit Union: An account provider letter advised of an increase in fees. The Committee discussed this matter and decided that here was no known realistic option and accepted the additional charges.

General Business:
1. Dates for General Meetings for 2005/06 (subject to confirmation):

The dates for General meetings, subject to confirmation, are:
– 2006: 04 Dec.
– 2007: 05 Feb; 02 Apr; 04 Jun; 06 Aug; 01 Oct; and 03 Dec

2. Notices of General Meeting/so:
Notices of Meetings will emailed to members and uploaded to the “Vicaug News” (blog”).

Presentation Topics:
a. December 2006:
“Dynamic blocks” (Part 1): Peter Godfrey; “News from the Pews”: Mark Miller; “Tips and Tricks”: Mark Miller; (any) :others”: to be advised (by Mark Miller)

b. February 2007:
“Layers – management”: Peter Godfrey; “Dynamic Blocks” (Part 2): Peter Godfrey; “Strict Plus”: Peter Coburn – Mark Miller to advise.

April 2007:
AutoCAD 2007: Steve Hunter – Mark Miller to advise.

Possible topics for future meeting/so (to be determined/confirmed):
Various computer/computing-related general interest and AutoCAD-specific interest items – by various Committee members; AutoDesk “Inventor” – Mark Miller to advise; “Shareware” and “Freeware” (various) – Mark Miller to advise.

4. General Discussion and Speculation (On-going):
General discussion on CAD, computer, training and employment matters.

“Other” matters:
There were no “other matters”.

Next Committee Meeting:
The next Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th. December 2006.

There being no further business, the President Closed the meeting at 10.30 pm.

(M.J. Ginnane)
Secretary and Public Officer.


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