New AutoCAD 2007 Bonus Tool

Well, who’d a thought it? After a long hiatus, Autodesk have finally released a cool new Bonus Tool called Drawing Tabs.

(For the younger readers, I’d better explain… Many years ago, in a land far away, Autodesk used to regularly release add-on goodies for AutoCAD. These were nearly always useful and well worth grabbing They included many functions which are now in the core AutoCAD program, such as layer picking and xref management tools. Unfortunately, they’ve been rather thin on the ground lately, so this is a welcome return to form.)

The new Drawing Tabs tool allows you to quickly navigate the files which are currently open in your drawing session. It takes the form of a bar at the top of the drawing window with a tab for each open drawing file. If you’ve used Excel, you’ll be right at home here. The only limitation seems to be that it only works on AutoCAD 2007 and above (like MS Paintbrush!)

Find it at

Here’s a screen shot:


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