Notes on the October 2006 Meeting

We started the evening with a presentation of Sketchup by Chris Needham. Chris is an independent consultant working in training and employment placement.

Sketchup leans towards architectural design, but can be used for other purposes such as mechanical applications. Chris started the demo by quickly constructing a site plan with contours which were then smoothed out to produce a credible looking surface.

Chris showed us how to create a model of a building on the site. The main purpose of Sketchup is as a presentation tool. Modelling in, say, Revit and presenting in Sketchup is a powerful combination.

Sketchup models only faces, not solids, so it’s relatively fast compared to solid modelling software lile Revit or Inventor. Performance is quite snappy on the laptop computer that Chris used for the demo.

The latest version of Sketchup is Version 5. It costs about AU$800.

To finish off the evening, Mark led us in looking at some humour from one of the CAD magazines and then at the latest issue of Cadalyst magazine. The July issue focussed on graphics cards for CAD, especially ATI and nVidia. These reviews are interesting because they concentrate on the cards’ performance in CAD rather than the more usual gaming applications. By the way, it seems that the cards to get are the nVidia Quadro series, either the FX1500 at about AU$800 or the FX3500 at about AU$1500.


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