Minutes of the June 2006 General Meeting

(Victoria Associations Incorporation Act 1981(as at 01 July 1998) Registered No. A 13467)


Postal Address: PO Box 466, ELSTERNWICK VIC 3185







As per Attendance Book.

Apologies were received.

The President, Mark Miller, welcomed everyone attending and opened the June 2006 General Meeting at 6.30 pm.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (April 2006):
The Minutes of the previous General Meeting held on the 3rd. April 2006 as circulated with the Notice Paper in the "Newsletter" aka "Vicaug News" – ((we)blog) were received, adopted and approved. There was no business from the Minutes of the previous Meeting.

The President's Opening Address (the Prez Sez):
The President in his opening address, welcomed all in attendance to this new venue. He advised that our previous venue was no longer available and that this venue was being "trialled" by the Committee to see if ti suited VICAUG and its members. He asked if there were any comments (only good – with reservations about arriving early before the adequate "free" car-parking became available). He asked if the members in attendance approved of the venue as this is required by the Committee to determine future booking/s of this venue. All in attendance agreed that the venue suited in all respects. 

Keeping up to date with VICAUG news and any other matters:
The President advised that members should regularly "log on" to the VICAUG Weblog ("blog") site at  https://vicaug.wordpress.com and VICAUG's web page at  www.dbm.com.au/vicaug  – both of which are (to be) regularly updated – to keep themselves aware of items of interest. This particularly applies to the venues for future General Meetings and other items of interest.

If members have any ideas, let a Committee member know or drop an email to Peter Godfrey at pgodfrey at netspace dot net dot au. (replace the appropriate words with punctuation or course); and keep "logging on" to the VICAUG "blog" at: https://vicaug.wordpress.com  and web site at www.dbm.com.au/vicaug  for regular updates of/on a variety if matters of interest to members.


1. AutoCAD "Tips and Tricks" – by Chris Needham:

Chris gave an excellent informative and entertaining delivery as the final presentation in his AutoCAD Tips and Tricks series.

Subjects covered included – amongst others – Tables; Fields; and Hatching.

2. AutoCAD Mechanical 2007 – by David Morgan and Kent Matthews of Imaginit Technologies:

David Morgan and Kent Matthews introduced themselves and their Company (Imaginit Technologies) and how they had used and provided tools for efficiency gains in and with AutoCAD Mechanical 2007 – as compared to previous releases of AM and competitive "third party" products. This too was a very well presented topic with a comprehensive "question and answer" session.


3. News for the Pews: by Mark Miller, President of VICAUG:

Due to other previous obligations, this was a shortened presentation but included: insights into the world of gadgets (not just  AutoCAD) and technology.

"Thank You's":
The President thanked Chris Needham, David Morgan and Kent Matthews for their excellent presentations. He also thanked members who had attended and participated in the presentations.

Reporting on Technical Aspects relating to Technical Aspects of Presentations Etc:
These minutes are of a general(ised) and "précis" nature only.

A more focussed, technical and topic-specific report by "others/another" will appear in the VICAUG  Weblog (i.e. "blog") – which is published on a "continuing/ongoing" basis at: https://vicaug.wordpress.com

The "blog" report/s will also include all links relating to the subject matter of these Minutes.
Next Meeting:
The next General meeting is intended to be held on Monday 7th. August 2006 at this venue i.e. RMIT Building 94, 5th. Floor at 23-27 Cardigan Street, CARLTON – commencing at 6.30 pm.

Members should note that the 2006 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and election of the 2006/07 Committee will take place during the August 2006 General Meeting.

There being no further business, the President thanked all for attending, and closed the meeting at 9.30 pm.

Secretary and Public Officer.


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