Using the TASKBAR

Applies to AutoCAD 2005 and above.

To make it easier to manage multiple drawings, use the new TASKBAR command. At the  command prompt, type TASKBAR and change the setting to 1. Now, when you open multiple drawings, each one will show up with its own button on the Windows taskbar at the bottom of your screen, just like documents in Microsoft Word and Excel. Clicking on the drawing’s taskbar button is the quickest way to switch between drawings. It also allows you to use the A1t+Tab key combination to switch between drawings open in AutoCAD 2005.

If you’re using Microsoft Windows XP, here’s another tip to make the TASKBAR even more useful. With Windows XP, documents in the taskbar automatically stack when they reach a certain limit. When the documents stack, they become more difficult to find and it takes two clicks to switch between documents instead of just one. To avoid the stacking, right click on an empty area of the taskbar and select Properties. In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog, uncheck the line that says, “Group similar taskbar buttons.”

Also, don’t forget that you can relocate the Taskbar to any of the four sides of the screen. Just drag the bar with the mouse.


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