Using the new M2P to get the Mid Between 2 Points

Applies: AutoCAD 2005 and above

In past releases of AutoCAD in order to find the mid point between two points you would need to use Object Tracking or the CAL command transparently. The CAL command and the MEE function were limited to just Endpoints, unless it was further customized. The new M2P Object Snap is not limited to just Endpoints or requires no additional customization to make things work. Not only does it support all of the Object Snaps, but for many companies it is one less item that they need to maintain between releases. To access the new Object Snap, type M2P at the command line when prompted for a point. The other way to select the new option is to hold down the SHIFT key and click the right mouse button. This will bring up the Object Snap menu.

The CAL command is not limited to just ENDpoints. It also works with other Object Snaps like INSertion.

Command Line: Command: line Specify first point: _m2p First point of mid: end of Second point of mid: int of Specify next point or [Undo]:

You can even use this nested in a “chain” of points.


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