Applies to AutoCAD 2004 and above

Text scaling

The SCALETEXT command quickly resizes annotation objects, using either a relative scale factor or specific text height, by modifying the height property of text objects. Text objects are individually scaled in relation to their insertion points or to a specified justification point. This differs from the SCALE command, which scales all selected objects in relation to a specified point and adjusts each object’s insertion point. The SCALETEXT command may alter the insertion point if a different justification point is chosen.

Change Text Justification

Without Moving the Text Position with JUSTIFYTEXT

AutoCAD supports multiple justification points (also known as attachment points). Some methods of changing a text object’s justification point move the insertion point to preserve the text position, while other methods do not (causing the text to move). The JUSTIFYTEXT command changes text justification without moving the text position. Both the justification point and insertion point are relocated.


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