Notes on the February 2006 Meeting

Mark opened this, our first meeting of our 21st year!

A reminder that any members who weren’t at the December meeting and thus didn’t receive their laptop bag can collect it from Gordon Adams.

Being a USER’s group, it’s best that all of us get involved in the group’s activities. One way of acheiving this is by way of doing presentations, perhaps AutoCAD tutorial sessions. Mark called for volunteers from the general membership to give presentations.

Venue required
Keep an eye on this page for announcements re. the venue for the next (April) meeting. The Department of Human Services is moving soon and we will need to find another place to hold our meetings. Please give this some thought as we do need to resolve this issue urgently. If you have any ideas, let a committee member know or drop an email to me at pgodfrey at netspace dot net dot au. (replace the appropriate words with punctuation or course).


Mark Miller – AutoCAD Testing
One of the problems we face in selecting staff to use AutoCAD is finding out who can actually use AutoCAD! We looked at a number of simple tests which can be used to guage the basic competence of an AutoCAD operator.
Although some of the questions appeared at first to be fairly basic, it’s surprising how much discussion can ensue from a relatively simple command. Perhaps the command has changed its format in the current release (compared to when the test was written) or perhaps there was some ambiguity in the question. Either way, it generated a lot of entertaining discussion!

Mark Miller: Tips and Tricks
Mark gave us a whole lot of useful little tips and tricks to streamline your AutoCAD use. I’ve published them as separate articles in the Tips and Tricks section of this blog. See these links:

Chris Needham: More AutoCAD Techniques

New member Chris Needham is a director of the C3 Consulting group ( and is a keen presenter. He clearly displays a vast knowledge of the ins and outs of using AutoCAD on a day to day basis. As such his presentations are not to be missed. (Here’s one for the rumour file – there’s another Chris Needham presentation coming up soon!)

Chris started the presentation with some really beautiful images of works by the renowned architect Santiago Calatreva. This sort of thing is a natural for Revit.

Again, I’ve published Chris’s tips as separate articles. Here are the links:


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