Move, copy, or paste as block with just two clicks

Applies: AutoCAD 2000 and above

By now, everyone is well aware of AutoCAD’s right-click shortcut menus in general. But we’re sure few, if any, users know about all of the available shortcut menus. Here’s a useful one that mimics one of our favorites from MS Word.

Start by selecting any number of objects and then right-click. While continuing to right-click, drag the mouse to a new location and the selected objects will follow. When you release the mouse button, a shortcut menu appears offering the following options: Move Here, Copy Here, Paste As Block, and Cancel. Simply choose the appropriate option and you’re done. What could be faster? Please note that the Paste As Block option creates a new block with a name randomly generated using letters and numbers. If required, you can quickly give the block a new name using the RENAME command.

One limitation of this technique, though, is that there doesn’t seem to be any way of using osnaps.


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