Inserting DWF files into other documents…

Note: You must have DWF viewer installed (to create, as well as to read). If you have DWF composer, you can markup the DWF file from its host file.

Example: Inserting a DWF into a Powerpoint project

1. From the Insert menu, select Object.

2. At the top left of the dialog, ensure that the option to ‘Create New’ is selected.

3. Select ‘Autodesk DWF Viewer Control’, and hit the OK button.

4. Right-Mouse-Click (RMC) on the DWF Viewer object, and select ‘Autodesk DWF Viewer Control’, then ‘Properties’.

5. Click on the Browse button, and browse to locate and select the DWF file of your choice.

6. After selecting your DWF file, check the box if you wish to embed the file into its host file.

7. Click OK to finish.  Now you can simply view the Slideshow! 

You end up with a basic DWF viewer embedded in your slideshow, which can be used to pan and zoom around in your drawing.

Also, PAN files generated by Revit can be used as a substitute for a walkthrough. Freeware viewers are available.



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