Load Sequence of Customisations

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get quite confused about when, or at what point in the load sequence, a certain customisation file is loaded. Recently, I found this list which is most helpful.

Note that it refers to AutoCAD 2005 but should be equally applicable to any version 2000 or above.

the load sequence..

acad.lsp (if found. loaded only once on startup if ACADLSPASDOC = 0 (default))
acaddoc.lsp (if found)
user.mnl (your menu mnl if found)
AutoCAD.mnl (if menu group ACAD loaded)
ADT.mnl (if menu group ADT loaded)
acetmain.mnl (if menugroup EXPRESS loaded) 
(s::startup) see below

acad.lsp by default is loaded once per acad session depending on the value of the ACADLSPASDOC system variable.

acaddoc.lsp is loaded into every drawing.

There is also a special lisp function called s::startup() which you can include in acad.lsp, acaddoc.lsp or a .mnl file. This function is called whenever a drawing is opened. This occurs after the files in the list above have been loaded.



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