The New-Look Newsletter

Here’s the text of an email sent out to the membership tonight.

Greetings Friends

A short note to let you know that our blog is now up and running at

This effectively replaces the Newsletter as it offers several advantages over the emailed approach:
1. It can be updated whenever something happens, no need to wait a month or more.
2. Subscribers can be automatically informed of updates through an RSS feed (see below)
3. There are “categories” of infomation such as Meeting Minutes, Tips and Tricks, etc. which broadly follow the old Newsletter categories. These can be filtered in your web browser so that, for instance, you can set it to only see Tips and Tricks.
4. There are monthly archives, similar to the category function above. For instance, you can read anything and everything posted in November 2005.
5. Because it is updated on a continual basis, not just once every two months, there is scope for including a lot more information.
6. There is no need to email out large PDF files. There are some of us on dialup or with limited download capacity, who have trouble receiving large files.

You can view the new-look “Newsletter” anytime using a web browser such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Just go to

Admittedly, there are still a few rough edges which we need to work on, but we’re working on it! Suggestions (polite ones!) are welcome.

To subscribe to the service and get updates immediately they are loaded, you need to subscribe to the “RSS Feed.” To do this, you need a small program called an RSS Aggregator. There are several free ones around. The one I use is called “RSS Bandit” which seems to work very well. Find the download site by Googling it. Let me know if you have any difficulties and I’ll try to help.

By the way, the word “blog” is an abbreviation of “web log,” a kind of diary or journal, which has been expanded into a useful information service.

I’d be interested in hearing from members about their experiences and whether you prefer this format to the old PDF’s that were emailed out every two months. Email me at or call me at the office on 9923 2292 during the day.


Peter Godfrey


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